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About Judy Porter

Judy Porter has been a caricature artist working events and commissions for over 30 years. When she started sculpting several years ago it was her desire to create caricature dolls for different events. Her sister, a very talented reborn baby doll artist, encouraged her to try sculpting dolls. Judy enlisted the help of her friend and mentor Pat Moulton and with her help she sculpted Sierra in 2012. Sierra went on to win an Industry's Choice Doll of the Year Award (DOTY) in 2012. Judy has gone on to win many awards for her dolls over the years. 
Judy currently lives in Missouri with her husband, her labradoodle, Barkley and her pompoo, Doodles. Her daughter, Jesamy, is the inspiration for many of Judy's dolls.

Judy posing with her doll, Annie, featured in a gallery in Hawaii 

Judy with her daughter Jesamy







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