Twelve inches of cuteness is Miss Addy Joy.   She is a 2019 Diamond Award Winner.   A fun doll  to sew for and easy to find clothes that fit in the ten to fourteen inch range.  Even American Girl Wellie Wishers!  Sorry those shoes don't fit BUT the good news is her feet are a standard MSD size so lots of choices for shoes.  Also you can order custom matching boots designed by Judy Porter Dolls.

Addy in white with bunny.jpg
Addy and Ginger.jpg
Addy and Bunny.jpg

Annie ,award winner for 2013 is now available in ten inch and six inch size.   Sorry all Seventeen inch are sold out.   Ten inch Annie 425.

Six inch Annie is 375,  This does not include shipping.  Certificate and storage wrap included

Big exciting news for all of you who love Wen but don't like big dolls.   New for 2018 is Wen in ten inch.   Seventeen inch is SOLD OUT.  Ten inch Wen is 425.00 f  Certificate/wrap included.

Lots of new dolly magic happening here at Judy Porter Dolls.   I thank you all for an amazing career in doll sculpting. We artists are nothing without our wonderful collectors.

Who Can Resist Little Ms Addy JOy?

All Addy Joys are sold out and on wait list only.  But hang on more are arriving SOON!  Along with her same size sister.