About Judy Porter Dolls

  I have been a caricature artist working events, commissions, for almost 30 years.  When I started sculpting seven years ago it was my desire to create caricature dolls for different events and venues.  My sister, a very talented artist, reborn artist, encouraged me to try sculpting dolls so I enlisted the help of several talented doll sculptors but was blessed to have found award winning doll artist Pat Moulton.  She has been a true mentor in this journey.  With her help I sculpted my first bjd in 2012, Sierra,  which won a DOTY.  Truly a thrill!

Then in 2014 I won a Diamond Award for Annie. The little face pictured below is Ginger my Diamond Award Winner for 2015.   I am happy to say there have been several awards since then, magazine articles, special events such as MDCC and now I can proudly say I am doing an event for UFDC 2019.   The little doll will be a BIG surprise.  Plus I have the honor of doing their MS Unity doll for 2019.


MDCC LE event doll Snow Bunny/Addy Joy only one available from edition of 12

Gabby Doty Award 2015

Ginger Cat in the hat.jpg

Pictured here by the glass cabinet hosting my dolls at Bo Bergeman's beautiful doll studio in Hawaii.  So honored to be included in her artists of merit.

 Event artist for both UFDC and MDCC for 2020.  What an honor.   Also Doty Award Winner for 2019.

Judy-Natalie bio photo.jpg

Preparing for a photo shoot for Dolls Magazine.